Just add batteries...

toit is a complete end-to-end IoT platform that provides all the infrastructure necessary in modern, battery-operated IoT solutions. The toit platform includes the toitbox, with sensors and cloud access; the toit language and virtual machine for easy app development; and the toit cloud console for device orchestration.

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The unique toit platform and its accompanying high-level programming language together with secure, wireless communication to the toit cloud turns the IoT microcontroller into a fully fledged computer with memory protection and parallel and independent execution of apps. Our setup enables developers to have IoT solutions up and running with a minimum of effort, with maintained security, stability, and flexibility.


The battery powered toitbox comes with pre-installed sensors, including GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, temperature, humidity, and air pressure. In addition, the toitbox includes an E-Ink display, four touch buttons, and four LEDs for local interaction with the device. The toitbox comes ready with NB-IoT, WiFi, and Bluetooth, and the battery life is expected to be several years, depending on usage patterns.

Connectivity and sensors out-of-the-toitbox

We have included WiFi, NB-IoT, and Bluetooth connectivity for communication with the outer world and external sensors. The toitbox comes with preinstalled, easily accessed sensors for acceleration, gyro, temperature, humidity, and air pressure. An E-Ink display and four touch buttons with accompanying LEDs allows for a programmable and accessible user interface.

Significant reduction of time-to-market

We provide a ready out-of-the-box platform with minimal setup time. We make sure the devices stay updated and that your cloud communication is up and running. You focus on developing your apps. The coding iteration cycle is roughly a second long instead of the traditional development situation with tens of seconds for re-compiling and flashing.

Run for years on industry standard batteries

The toitbox is designed to support running in deep-sleep mode, where the current consumption is only a few microamperes. The device will therefore run for several years on two standard AA-batteries. When a toit device goes offline, e.g. to save power by deep-sleep, your data is still secure. Upon re-connect, the device will upload any accumulated data.

Security: Your #1 concern is covered

The toit platform follows best practices by default regarding security, including encrypted communication using proper standards, individual device certificates, and encryption of stored data. The toit virtual machine that runs on all devices allows continuous updates of the entire device fleet and with the high-level toit programming language, it is a secure and robust foundation for your applications.

Modularity: Add, remove, and upgrade whenever

The toit platform isolates the underlying hardware from the applications running on the device, facilitating modularity and system stability. Multiple apps can be executed simultaneously and independently on the microcontroller. Apps can be dynamically started and stopped, e.g. for upgrades or bug fixes, without affecting other apps running simultaneously.