About us

Toitware is founded by industry veterans eager to modernize software development for the internet of things. We care about performance, robustness, and developer ergonomics and we believe it is time to significantly improve the way software for small network-connected devices is developed, deployed, and maintained.

We are located in Aarhus, Denmark and we are looking to add enthusiastic, driven, and outstanding people to our already super strong team. Are you our next employee?
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The team

Kasper Lund, CEO

Kasper is a programming languages and virtual machine veteran. He wrote his thesis on software platforms for network-connected devices. Later, he co-founded the V8 and Dart projects at Google and brought adaptive optimizations to JavaScript as the tech lead for the Crankshaft project.

Lars Bak, CTO

Lars spent the last 30 years designing and implementing object-oriented programming languages. He is the virtual machine expert behind Java HotSpot, V8, and Dart. In 2018, he received the Dahl-Nygaard prize for the design and implementation of several object-oriented systems.

Claus Bak Petersen, COO

Claus has more than 30 years of experience in founding, growing, and running companies and taking them from an idea to global commercial success. His background is electronics engineering and his product expertise spans both cloud solutions and embedded hardware.

Anders Johnsen

Anders is an infrastructure and scalability wizard. He was tech lead for Uber’s micro-service scheduling platform and scalable datastore and he worked on optimizing server-side Dart at Google.

Nils Westerlund, Lead PM

Nils is an experienced product- and sales manager and started his career in medical technology. He holds a PhD in applied signal processing and researched computationally efficient methods for noise cancellation.

Erik Corry

Erik was one of the early engineers on V8, the engine behind Chrome and later Node.js. He is an expert on garbage collectors and the co-author of the fastest regular expression engine in the world.

Florian Loitsch

Florian is a programming language and compiler specialist. He was the tech lead for the business critical Dart-to-JavaScript compiler at Google - and in charge of the evolution of the Dart language.

Helena Marie Meyer

Helena is an experienced software engineer with a versatile background in embedded software, cryptography, and micro-service architectures. She holds an MSc in computer science from Aarhus University.

Jesper Lindstrøm Nielsen

Jesper holds an MSc in computer science from Aarhus University, where he wrote his thesis on object-oriented type inference. He previously worked on Uber's scalable datastores and is an expert on scalability.

Rikke Bendlin Gammelmark

Rikke is a software engineer and former Google's Women Techmakers scholar with an interest and expertise in bioinformatics, big data, and algorithms. She holds a PhD in cryptography from Aarhus University.

Lau Skorstengaard

Lau holds a PhD in computer science from Aarhus University, where he researched formal reasoning of low-level systems. He previously was an intern at Uber's Grail team, where he worked on their query language.

The headquarters